Sherlock -3/23/2004

Sherlock Peanut-Butter Kawa  

This day eight years ago, I lost a very good friend of mine.  His name was Sherlock Peanut-butter Kawa,and he was a cat. Unlike other pets we (family) have owned he was very special. I remember the day we got him, back in 1987 on August 4th . See my sister Carrie had some money cause of a lawsuit, but since the lawyer did not trust our mom, they controlled her part of it. Now I have a lot of issues with this, and feel that they took advantage of our ignorance, but this is about Sherlock, and that story can wait.  So while going around the mall we walked in to “Dr’s Pet Store“, we were really bored waiting for “Judy” (she worked for the lawyer). We then walked over, to a case of cats, and saw this little cute gray striped kitty being picked on (seriously) by the others, and we knew, at least Carrie and I knew, Mom got preoccupied with an orange tabby that reminded her of an other cat we had. Carrie had promised to buy my The Transformers figure  Blaster, but since we both fell in love with this cat I understood. To make this short, we got him even though it meant we would have to move (NO PETS ALLOWED ), and it was a HUD apartment and since we were poor we were only paying $15.00 dollars a month. Pretty big sacrifice for just a stupid cat.
The Name Game – When we got him, of course there was naming him. My Mom wanted Ambrosia, I wanted Optimus Prime , but my sister, the voice of reason came up with SHERLOCK.  I later added Peanut-Butter, hehehe, he hated it .
WHAT MADE HIM SPECIAL – First off it was him, the way he acted, just his soul, really something I can’t explain.  He had this way of talking, not in that “We can put him on David Letterman, stupid pet tricks ” way, just a way we could understand him. He had a certain MEOW, for  each of us, I believe the one for me was a group of insults (hehe). He could also understand us, again he would not do any tricks or anything, quite the opposite. One of my favorite things about him was the way he would get back at me. I use to play (torment)  him all the time. I would play with Pumpkin (tail), give him names that bugged him like Mitsubishi. Pretend he was Cybertron and I was Unicron. I also tried to clean him once with my tongue, that one left me with scars (hehe). He would mostly get back at me by going in the bathroom, in to the tub and scream until Carrie yelled at me for bugging him. One of his best moves was when I was asleep he jumped up on the coffee table and MEOWED right in my face (Awesome .
The change of age. When we got him I was 12 ready to turn 13, and he was just a little kitty. Then most of the time, we seemed the same age, kind of like a little bro. But I remember the time he started to slow down, and he would look at me and see that I was fine. I looked in too his eyes once and saw this sadness, and the thought came into my mind, like he told me mentally, and I knew what he was thinking.
The day it all began on the 20th, we noticed that he was not eating, at this point he has lost a lot of weight. At first I was in denial, trying  to get him to eat, but after a while we knew. At first Mom called someone (we really had no money ), and after talking we decided it would be best for him to do it at home. He did one thing that week that I always wanted him to do, but he would never, and that was to  sit in my lap, that is when I really knew.  Well on the evening of March 23, he went in to the bathroom, and only wanted his Mama (Carrie ) in there.  I will always miss him, since you can tell, it has been eight years, and he was just a stupid cat .
Here are a few songs for you all
Their  meaning to me is mine only, but they are good songs.


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I love a lot of POPcurture. I am a big TRANSFORMERS fan, have been since 1985. Also love Anime like Pokemon, Project A-ko, K-on!, Evangelion, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, to name a few. I love Action Duh!!!
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