An Overlooked TV Legend -Norman Alden

Norman Alden

I posted this on my Facebook page, but I thought I would share it here as well.
An Overlooked TV Legend -Norman Alden
The Prime Time Emmy Awards were on this pass Sunday, and like usual what is really good did not win, like the show Sherlock but that is not the point. As always they had the “in memoriam” segment, I won’t talk about the TASTELESS parody that Jimmy Kimmel did. So of course I knew about the very sad death of TV legend Norman Alden, and I expected to see him among all the other legends.
He has a long list of TV credits, that begins in 1957, and some movies roles as well. Mostly a guest star, but always remembered. So while watching I noticed he was omitted, and I was like “where is Norman Alden “, they had Whitney Houston and Donna Summer, they were POP MUSIC Stars not TV legends.

So while looking him up, I noticed he was not the only one omitted, not by a long shot, look at this list of all the talented people we lost this year –
Also while looking in to this I found this article –
Don Mischer states- ” he and the TV academy identify the late actors and other TV notables who will create an “emotional response” among Emmy viewers.”
Also “Omissions typically are more an issue for the Oscars than the Emmys. But some viewers objected when the death of “Taxi” star Jeff Conaway wasn’t noted in last year’s Emmy tribute.”
Well they do omit more than we realize, and only if the 90% of dumb people watching know who is who, they may get a shot at being shown.  At least they had time for a stupid Jimmy Kimmel joke about the dead. Here is info on Norman Alden –




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One Response to An Overlooked TV Legend -Norman Alden

  1. Jesse says:

    I agree. I was saddened to see that Mr. Alden’s passing went largely overlooked by the media. MeTv did tributes for Don Grady and William Windom but none for Norm Alden. He was everywhere in the 60’s and 70’s. I sent him an email a few years back to thank him for all his great performances. He will be missed.

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