Windblade, and My views on the view of female Transformers.

Windblade from IDW ,

Windblade from IDW ,

Here is the first real look at the Fan Built Bot winner Windblade. This is what us fans voted on. Of course I voted but I really don’t remember the option of a China Doll face, but WHATEVER…….I like the look anyways. She will be getting her own comic book to introduc…..I mean PROMOTE the toy.
Fans of Simon Furman and/or Mairghread Scott might know a little bit of a dispute the two had over females in the IDW universe. I was going to post a response to Simon on his blog about the issue, but by the time I read his blog he has asked for NO MORE COMMENTS.
If he would have let me RESPOND I would have said something like this, which I stand behind.
The problem is not female Transformers, the problem is WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE EXPLAINED. Sometimes you need to keep things simple. Back in 1985 the episode ” The Search for Alpha Trion” was the first to ever have female Transformers. It did not explain how they got there, they were just there and that was perfect. Why do they exist?? ……who cares, it is the person that began to tackle this issue that made it more complicated than it needed to be. And that person is Simon Furman!!!!  He decided to try to explain WHY there is female Transformers. In the UK issue #234(1989) Simon wrote that the creation of Acree was done to appeased the complaining human feminists stating that the Autobots are sexist. After first seeing this issue in 1993 my faith in Simon’s writing started to dwindle down. Then he did it, in 2008 he wrote the Spotlight issue for Arcee, where he made it seem being a female is a curse and makes you a lesser being and where he changed the whole TF canon around, stating that Transfomers are Asexual, meaning having no gender what so ever. Thing is do they reproduce like mammals….NO, but do we really know how they do, and for that matter does it even matter at all. The Fallen in” Revenge of The Fallen” was taking care of eggs in the same fashion that a Xenomorph Queen would…but look now I am making it COMPLICATED.
So take a cue from all the Animated series (G1, Beast Wars, Energon, Cybertron, Animated and Prime) and the Movies ……KEEP IT SIMPLE, there is NO NEED TO EXPLAIN.
Do I think Simon Furman is a sexist ??
If I say YES to this question then I would be saying that most comic book writers are. The thing is (and I have said this before) all western comics, especially those dealing with Superheroes are VERY……VERY  SEXIST.
He comes from this way of writing so I don’t think it is the way he thinks, just the way he was taught to write. When I began to read Manga and saw how females are handled in them, I began to realize just HOW WRONG they were portrayed in Marvel, D.C.Comics and of course Transformers….I am sorry but this is true. Females are 3 things in comics ……
1. Carbon Copies of a male counterpart ……with no personality
2. BIG BUSTED GUN TOTTING EYE CANDY ……with no personality
3.A squeaking know it all that gets PUT IN HER PLACE by some BIG MAN …..with no personality.
So NO he is NOT a sexist, just an old school writer. Now I will say this I think he is an arrogant know it all, that won’t listen to anyone else’s opinion. I met the guy back in 1990 and he was really nice. But I believe that all this fan boy love he has received from us fans, have gone to his head. Was he the best Transformers comic book writer ….yes he WAS. Is he anymore ……..simply put….NO!!!
He complains about Mairghread Scott retconing he works, but that is what he does all the time. He completely retconed G2 by what he did in RG1. Plus the whole HeadMaster mess and ZombieCons in RG1. He can’t blame Mairghread for fixing what he did wrong in the IDW universe, it is her job as the NEW writer on the book. Hasbro wants Windblade in the Universe and she has to find a way to do it.
I know some of my Facebook friends know Simon personally, and I just want to say this is not an attack on the man himself, like I said when I met the guy he was an awesome person to talk too.
Like I said don’t over think, keep it simple.
Here is a link to his blog and the whole dispute.


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