I really don’t care……


I really don't care.

I really don’t care.

I really don’t care……………
I have enough on my mind,
Things have changed, yet things are just like they always were, and I was to distracted to notice.
I have been brought to a point where I just don’t give a dam….about anything.
I now know that a myth, one that has been told for years is a lie.
Who do you people keep on asking me if I really love Anime……do you?
I have proved it, I have the figures, DVDs, the collection of stuff, some of it is older than most of you, yet I get asked all the time…….WTF.
No I really don’t care about the UCM in the Transformers Fandom, to be honest I don’t care about the Fandom as a whole. I love Transformers…..not the fans, the community, who’s cock is bigger and “Trucky not Monkey”…….I just love Transformers …..period.
Same goes for the Otaku Community…….I don’t care, I just love anime…….period.
I watch what I want, do as I want, count as I want, and collect as I want.
Yes a couple of days ago one of you retards really got under my skin, not because you insulted me, or offended me…..no!
You annoyed me because of how stupid you are and since than I have been really disappointed and pissed off at most of you. You all really don’t see how mindlessly brainless you all really are. Oh and I am not your Best Friend, if I had a Best Friend he or she would understand what they did wrong and why I got so mad at them.

  But hey it was mostly my fault because I cared enough to be nice……well I am not going to be as nice anymore. Of course it won’t be noticed…well unless someone is really smart they might notice. I will fake it, like I always have, but this time I don’t care if I hurt anyone’s feelings anymore. I want to lose you as my friends…..wait a minute I mean fans. Yes most of you are very nice, some are very sweet……but I am just not intrigued anymore, and I really don’t care……..



About michaelalexkawa

I love a lot of POPcurture. I am a big TRANSFORMERS fan, have been since 1985. Also love Anime like Pokemon, Project A-ko, K-on!, Evangelion, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, to name a few. I love Action Figures......like Duh!!!
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