too bored too care

too bored too care

too bored too care


It seems like lately I have become apathetic to people or I just always was and never knew it.
I thought I was always immature, heck I was always told that.
But I am starting to realize that I am not.
I don’t let petty things get me down, or at least I don’t think I do.
I see grown adults act like children, of course why should I be surprised, my Mom and Dad were as bad.
But I guess I viewed them differently and expected more from others.
Why take jabs at a person when they are weak-minded?
Why hide and use others to cover for you?
Why think you are entitled to anything, when you really don’t even know a person?
Sometimes I hate the fact, and this is a hit towards me, that I am so falsely nice.
Sometimes I really don’t care what a person is telling me , but I give that fake “Awesome” and “Cool” just to ….and to be honest shut them up. Or sometimes I just don’t know what the person whats from me……or of me.
I get a lot of private messages and sometimes I don’t know what they are looking for. I am nice, I say hello, when asked I tell them the truth. But to be honest I don’t care…..!!!
I am not really talking about the people who I understand, that I know well, that also comment on my posts and pictures.
Like if they have a question about an Action Figure, Anime, Video, or need advice. I am talking about the ones that just seem……I don’t know……weird.
So sometimes (like always) I lie just to be pleasant, guess I have had a lot of practice in real life.
I don’t know why I am trying to be so “We Are The World” politically correct with my Facebook persona. In real life I am not this way…….I have my bias’, my prejudices, they might be wrong, but they are there.
There is a lot of countries I would not go too and a lot of races and religions I don’t trust……I mean I am white man in the USA.
Maybe I feel if I show them a little niceness I can “Change The World” …..”Make It A Better Place” ……..but I don’t think this will happen.
Perhaps it is me that I am bored of, maybe I want to be a different person than I am. Perhaps I want to be the person I always was, before I put on all these masks that the rest of the world sees.



About michaelalexkawa

I love a lot of POPcurture. I am a big TRANSFORMERS fan, have been since 1985. Also love Anime like Pokemon, Project A-ko, K-on!, Evangelion, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, to name a few. I love Action Duh!!!
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