A few of my thoughts from my Facebook page.

Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka

To say that I am annoyed would be an understatement, I just……well let me explain. This has been boiling in me for a while, I am getting tired of being everyone’s bitch. See last night a person, that at the time was not even a “friend” yet, asked me (in a foreign language no less), to “like” a picture so that he could win a contest. Now to be honest I am not mad at the guy personally, but it brought back a time I asked the same. Now unlike the guy, I did not PM anyone, nor did I tag anyone. The contest I was in, I had a chance to win $250.00 in action figures and all I needed was votes, at the time I had about 700 “friends” and the contest went on for a week and you could vote everyday. The thing is what I got from people ….even some I know in real life….was EXCUSES. Mind you I did not ask anyone personally, yet people felt the need to tell me why they could NOT vote for the picture, one guy which is friends with my sis almost made it seem like I was bothering him with just posting about the contest. An other “friend” said he would give me votes if I gave him $50.00 of the prize……WTF.
It was a contest ran by BBTS, so it was real, no spam or whatever , and there was a 1st place ($250), a second ($100) and a third ($50). But I did not win (as you can tell) and really all I needed was about 1000 votes, which is sad when you consider the amount of friends I had at the time. If someone honestly did not like the photo I had in the contest I would have respected if they said so, but all I got was excesses and I did not even ask for them…….annoying!!!!
I have these people in private messages asking me, begging me to like pictures and I don’t even know what they get out of it to be honest. It makes no sense and when something makes no sense it annoys me……..and that is annoying!!!!
So now on to an other subject that had nothing to do with the above statement. There was this person that my sister knew named Tom Casey, he said he was going to buy me “The Transformers The Movie” on video tape, mind you this was 1988. He promised me and every time we talked he would say “don’t worry I will be getting you the movie “.  The thing is I never asked him, he brought it up, it was his idea, I did not even care and well he ended up NOT getting it for me……again just a bunch of excuses. This went on for like a year and I knew the son of a bitch was just lying…..but why?
So whenever someone does this to me, I dub it “doing a Tom Casey”. Sad fact this has happened too many times in the past couple of years, I don’t need anything and don’t say it unless you mean it…….annoying!!!!
Okay just because someone says he has about 2,000 comics, does not mean he is going to “Share” them with the whole fucking world. See there is a reason why I don’t talk about my collection with people, for some reason they think they can ask me to send them some cause I have so many……..really 2,000 comics are really not that many, also I have been collecting for a while………annoying!!!
You know what else is annoying, the “Planet of Junk” …..that is what I call my page now. I don’t mind all the tags, but when my sister and other friends can’t tell what is my post and what is not….well it is annoying. Now to be honest it is pretty clear which one are mines and which ones are not, but I also know which ones I posted. But it is annoying for I have to also been on all the time to know what I am being tagged in. In the last 20 hours I had to remove 2 post for being malicious links, and I guess I hate that no one is keeping an eye out for me. But hey what do I expect right, it is my burden.
And yes I will be removing not only the post but the person if I don’t like the post, so maybe you should think twice before you tag me……..okay. Again for the most part I don’t mind the tags, but it is now getting out of hand and it is ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka


I think that some people believe I am someone that I am not. I am just a simple man who loves Animation, which means of course I love Anime. I have been watching it longer than some of you have even been alive, and unlike many my age I am not a shame of it, or grown out of it. Also yes I like the new stuff, heck sometimes it is better than the anime that got me into anime more than 20 years ago.
Also my name is my name…….I say this for two reasons.
One being it is not a nick name, of fake name, yes I can understand with my last name, that some people might think it is not real, but it is.
The other reason is one of these people once made a comment that he was really Michael Alex Kawa , like it was a “role-playing” thing or whatever.
I am not going to lie here, I had some DARK THOUGHTS when I read that. In one way I found it a compliment, but on the other hand an insult. Also why would you want people to think you were me……..I am not special…am I?
I confronted the guy…..in the comment thread , ask him to clarify, the other idiots in the comment thread were like “really like wow”, and “oh so that is who he is”.
So I told the guy to put it straight and explain, which as you can guess No Response. To be honest I don’t even know if the moron is on Facebook anymore, like with most of his friends that use fake names, they get deleted and then make a new account….whatever.
I am starting to think I need to “clean up”,  of course when ever I do I get messages …….”why….oh why you delete me….please add again” !!!
Don’t get me wrong I really don’t mind you guys, I really don’t. Just understand I am me, a guy that lives in Las Vegas, been collecting Action Figures since 1985 and loves animation. I don’t role play, and I really am not in to chatting (for my own personal reasons). I don’t mind “how are you” and stuff like that, but I have a limit I won’t cross (again for my own personal reasons).
Tag me all you want, most likely I will like the pic and all. But just know I am who I say I am, I have never not been forward with the facts.
Oh as for what I meant by dark thoughts, well I am very protective of my name and I think that sums it up.

Misaka and friends

Misaka and friends

I find it odd how easy it is for people to sell out, just for convenience. I hate that I stayed quiet, just not to cause trouble for others. But it is so apparent just how fake some people are. One thing I seek in others is loyalty, not blind obedience.
Not so much loyalty to me, or a cause, but loyalty to the words you say. Don’t like someone, than don’t hang out with said person.
Fact is I had to hold my tongue,tame the beast within, for really no reason at all.I have done stuff I did not want to, play the game, act the part, and really what was the point. Heck I played both sides, and I mean I “PLAYED” them. I think all involved think I am in their court, but to be honest I was in the game for myself.












About michaelalexkawa

I love a lot of POPcurture. I am a big TRANSFORMERS fan, have been since 1985. Also love Anime like Pokemon, Project A-ko, K-on!, Evangelion, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, to name a few. I love Action Figures......like Duh!!!
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