IDW announced a big crossover coming in comic book pages later this year involving the Hasbro properties. Pretty convenient that this REVOLUTION is happening considering what Paramount and Hasbro Allspark Studios is planning. I guess this will validate the movie crossovers, kind of like when Nick Fury was turned black in the comics so that Marvel Studios could cast the Bad Motherfucker himself Samuel L. Jackson in the movies.
But let me ask you all a question, how many of these “Hasbro Properties” did Hasbro really create, or just “acquired” though business deals and mergers.
Unlike Marvel or DC, Hasbro is just making a “UNIVERSE” by garbage picking though what they own. None of these universes with the exception of G.I.Joe and Transformers ever had a connection till just now. Some like M.A.S.K.were created to compete with Hasbro in the toy market of the 80s.
Think about how a M.A.S.K. fan has to feel about this, now the whole origin of that series is connected to those robots in disguise, which most likely since they liked M.A.S.K, they might not have been into.
That is right the origin of the M.A.S.K. team, and their transformable vehicles is because of something called Ore 13, which is an unstable version of Energon. I bet all the fans of the AWESOME animated series M.A.S.K. are feeling ecstatic about this revelation. I have no problem with it since I love M.A.S.K and Transformers……… wait you know what even being a fan of both I do have a problem with it.
You can’t shoehorn all these series together just because you want to be as cool as Marvel and DC……it dose not seem natural and it is a bit insulting to the fans of ROM, M.A.S.K., and the Micronauts that everything revolves around THE TRANSFORMERS. I understand that without the “big man on campus” no one would even be paying attention to these series…..and that is sad. Cause there was a time that these series had as much popularity as the Transformers.
So to answer the question above, how many did Hasbro actually create.
Transformers, G.I.Joe……yes
Action Man……kind of…..he was created by Palitoy as a licensed copy of Hasbro’s 1960s G.I.Joe.
ROM the Space Knight……..NO…..he was created by both Marvel (yes Marvel) and the toy company Parker Brothers.
M.A.S.K……….NO. The series was created by Kenner back in 1985 as a “Competitor” to G.I.Joe and The Transformers. The awesome show was animated by DiC.
The Micronauts……..NO. They were based on a toy made by Takara, and were manufactured and marketed by Mego. The comic and characters were mostly created again by Marvel.
Actually both ROM and The Micronauts have more connection to the Marvel Universe then they do the “Hasbro Universe”.
So after all that is said I have one more question………
Where the fuck are The Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light.
I was promised Visionaries.


About michaelalexkawa

I love a lot of POPcurture. I am a big TRANSFORMERS fan, have been since 1985. Also love Anime like Pokemon, Project A-ko, K-on!, Evangelion, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, to name a few. I love Action Duh!!!
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