Two movie reviews of recent movies I just saw, but is really not that recent, but still is since it is still summer…….so here are my reviews and thoughts on the two movies……Cars 3, and Transformers: The Last Knight!!!

So what did I think about Cars 3……………well I really don’t know. It is a good movie, but unlike many others I actually enjoyed Cars 2 a bit more (or about the same). Of course the first movie will always be the best of the series.
Some people have said that the original trailer, with the crash was nothing more than “trailer bait” and I do agree with that, but I have to wonder if the factor that annoyed me with the movie was caused by the reaction to that said trailer, cause the movie ended up to be very “lighthearted” …… that really a bad thing, no not really, but it was missing something and I believe had something more then it should have.
A lot of critics have all said the one thing in the movie they liked, which is odd cause I felt it was “her” the “slowed” down the movie.
They also have stated that they can’t stand Lightning McQueen, which is my opinion is what saved the movie.
But lets talk about Cruz Ramirez shall we, it is not that I hate her, but I can’t say I liked her as much as others. From what I have read and heard online, she was meant to be a totally different character and a male, but was changed cause someone (either the director or producers) thought Cristela Alonzo was funny and wanted to “work” with her. But I wonder if the character was “changed” cause of this whole “girl empowerment” that Hollywood has been pushing in our faces……not saying that it is wrong, but this is a pure example of how it could be done wrong.
If you saw the movie they you all know that she wanted to race, and the reason why she backed out. So you have this perfect opportunity to address some sexism that is very apparent in the world of Cars…..that there are no female racers……..but no they drop the ball. Instead of her having the dream of being like Lightning McQueen, training to one day race to only be told that she can’t cause she is female, and that all she can be is a trainer, they go with a “I had stage fright” story-line…….still not addressing the sexism that is apparent.
Then there is the “final race”……….okay here is my issue with the outcome…….they CHEATED….plain a simple. This is not our world, it is the world of Cars, and these races are in a way an endurance test, almost like what a marathon would be for us (humans). These Cars train and perfect their bodies, to compete in these races against one other and against themselves……..there is no replacing a racer or at least there shouldn’t have been. It was Lightning McQueen’s time to prove if he could or could not race, and what we got was a sanctimonious hollow victory for someone who DID NOT RUN (RACE) THE WHOLE COURSE.
If anything the win should belong to Jackson Storm, he ran the whole race, without being “replaced” in the middle of the race. But hey teach your kids it is better to do something half ass and steal a win, then it is to train to become the best…….yeah Jackson Storm is the “bad guy” cause he is “young” and he trains to win…..great message.
Oh and before I go, unlike an other movie I recently saw (Transformers: The Last Knight), this movie makes no references to the previous sequel, almost pretending it didn’t exist, just cause fans (not me) all said they didn’t like Cars 2.
Also a movie like this maybe should have been a direct to video sequel, kind of like Toy Story 3 (which also had an ending that annoyed me), but Disney really does not do those anymore and since it seems like computer animated movies are flooding the theaters it is no surprise why they don’t.


TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT……….what did I think about the movie…………………….I thought it was AWESOME!!!!!!
Seriously it is one of the better of the Bay movies, way better than AOE and a lot more enjoyable than ROTF. It could easily be my favorite but I would have to re-watch it when it comes out on Blu-Ray before I make that claim. 
The reasons why I loved it………I don’t know it just was good, so I really don’t understand all the negativity towards it. Sure I get it, there are the people don’t like Bay’s explosives filled cinematic adventurers and I don’t expect them to like this one, but the hate is coming from all over. I would have expected this level of antagonism towards AOE, since well that movie is still the lowest on my list, but why this one. Also knowing that this movie, the better of the last two, is making a whole lot less in the box office is just sad, Bay finally does a few things right with this movie and he is not rewarded for it. Sure I could say its a little to late, maybe he (and the writers/producers) should have given us this instead of AOE, but they didn’t and maybe that is why people didn’t flock to this movie……and all the bad reviews didn’t help either. 
Back to the bad reviews……..yes everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it just seems like the movie is being slammed just to slam it and to get views on YouTube. You know the old adage, “If you have something good to say about something…..don’t, cause only if you are negative will you get views and or followers on YouTube”. Even a toy reviewer that did a review on the Barricade figure had to let us know that he thought the movie was trash, well then why the hell did you buy the figure then……dumb ass. 
This brings up a point I want to make about FAUX-GEEWUNNERS, not real Geewuners (whom I respect for their opinions), but the ones faking it, the ones that know nothing about G1, but claim to “only love G1 and hate everything else”. First off why fake it, so that they can “hate on” everything and get the “likes” and “comments”….like come on. 
Let me give you a few examples of a FAUX-GEEWUNNER. 
When you bring up the episode “Dark Awakening” they have no idea what you are talking about. 
Don’t know what a Headmaster, Targetmaster, or Powermaster is, or even believe you when you bring up The Pretenders. 
Did not know there was a comic book series made by Marvel, and does not know the names Bob Budiansky or Simon Furman. 
Can only name no more than five of the original G1 characters, yeah yeah I get it Optimus Prime was not a long-nosed truck and the only Bumblebee you know is one that turns into a VW bug, but do you even know who Sideswipe or Sunstreaker are…..what you don’t……..that is so funny. 
Have no idea there was a Transformers animated movie that came out in 1986…..yeah I am serious. 
And the pièce de résistance of idiotism is that they (the Faux-Geewuners) believe that Spike was the kid in the wheelchair. 
So these people will makes statements, hating on Bay and declaring how he ruined their childhood, saying they only love G1, but not having the common knowledge to back it up. If you are a true Geewuner let me give you some advice, call these fakers out, sure they might be helping you with your Anti-Bay, Anti-Beast Wars campaigns, but they are also given you all a bad name. 
Wow that was a lot of typing, now back to why I love The Last Knight. 
The Decepticons were cool, I even found that introduction scene awesome, wish they were in the movie more though. 
For the first time I actually really liked the female leads, sure I did like Maggie Madsen (Rachael Taylor) from the first movie, but these two Viviane Wembly (Laura Haddock) and Izabella (Isabela Moner) were really likable (especially Izzy), which is very rare in a Bay movie. 
I thought all the Bots were pretty cool in this one, even the Dinobots, heck even the Mini-Dinobots, and the fact that my sister Carrie didn’t have to tap me all the time asking “who is that one”, just shows how distinctive they all were. 
Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Anthony Hopkins, and even Mark Wahlberg were all pretty awesome. 
Heck I even liked Stanley Tucci this time around, to be honest I did not even recognized him at first. 
Cogman was so cool, he really stood out and Hot Rod was well awesome too. (I say awesome way to much)……..still wish that Cogman did the Headmaster thing though. 
” I was making the moment more epic” – Cogman
In my opinion the Megatron in this movie, no matter how he is connected to the others, was the best Megatron in these movie. 
And even though I was not a fan of the Unicron story-line (origin) in Transformers: Prime, for some reason it seems to work in this movie, maybe cause I have already seen it before or it just fits this continuity better. 
What I also enjoyed about this movie was all the references to the previous movies, it really felt like a nice celebration of the decade old film series.
” It has been said throughout the ages, that there can be no victory, without sacrifice”. – Sir Edmund Burton 

Unlike others I don’t think the movie was “too long”, to be honest I wish it was longer. Which reminds me why do people complain about run time of movies? I remember back in the ’90s people were saying movies were too short, movies like Toy Story that only ran like 80 minutes. So what is it people, do you want short movies or long movies, are you idiots ever truly happy. 

I will admit that the one thing I wish there was……and don’t you judge me for this…….I just really enjoyed her character….that’s all……I really wished that Izzy had more screen time. She is like the best human character in the movie series (sorry Simmons you lost your place). She reminds me of the type of girl who would be in the Transformers Universe, with a little bit of Miko and Lori in her. Maybe she will be in future movies who knows, I just hope they don’t go a ruin her if she is. 
So that is my very long review of Transformers The Last Knight, I am sure I have forgotten a few things but I am tired of typing.

NOTE: Both of these reviews was posted on my Facebook page……so if you already have read them there is nothing new. 


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