The start of a collection that may not have been really the start cause there were some before and some after that got lost.

Before reading this I wanted to let you know I have already posted this on Facebook, so if we are friends there is a likely hood you have already read this. Also this post is a bit delayed since the date I got my first figure was August 2nd, I just forgot that I wanted to post this on my blog too. Oh but if you have read it, it did fix some grammar and wording that I noticed was “wrong” so a re-read might be intriguing to you.

It is hard to believe I have been collecting action figures for 32 years and it all began with the little guy, G1 Bumblebee.
The day was August the 2nd of 1985, and since it was Vegas it was a hot day. We just moved in to a new (way nicer) apartment the day before and since it was HUD (yeah I said it) Mom finally had the money to buy us something we wanted, so that was the day I decided on Bumblebee since he was my favorite on the show (which I have been watching since March of the same year). 
Now this is where I will go on saying “blah blah and since then I have every single figure I ever bought and I am so lucky blah blah blah”. Where it is true I have been very lucky and extremely fortunate, and is very grateful to the fates for that, and wish that others were as fortunate as me…….it is not completely true when I say I have not “LOST” anything. First off when you have a large collection things do go missing, like random accessories (just lost one in May of this year), or there is paint/chrome flaking, the dreaded GPS, and the annoying SPS (sticky plastic syndrome), then there is missing and peeled off labels, broken or missing parts and so on……but like I said I have not been completely accurate in the past when I have stated about saving “every” figure, doll, plush toy etc. 
Before I began collection Transformers I had a small collection of Hot Wheels, one time when we had to move, I had to give them up, so that I could have more room for my Transformers.
There was also a time before I started to collect Transformers that I was given a “used” G1 Sludge. At first I did not even know it could transform, just thought it was a robotic dinosaur. After seeing an episode with the Dinobots I realized what he was. But then the dog we had at the time Beethoven (RIP July 20th 1985), did what dogs do to plastic and well Sludge’s dino head came off, had to wait for one of the missiles to “reemerge” (if you know what I mean), and he got pretty chewed up….so I ditched him 😥.
G1 Sludge was in a box that some guy that was moving gave to us and in it was also the G.I.Joe FLAK [Field Light Attack Cannon] , which I regrettably got rid of…..among other things.
But the would not be the only G.I.Joe idem to be ejected, when I first saw the G.I.Joe animated show I got into said show so I got…
Bazooka (loved him and it was his episode “Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent” that got me into G.I.Joe). 
Snow Serpent
and the Silver Mirage.
I got rid of them the same way I did the Hot Wheels, again to mostly make space for the bots in disguise. When I “officially” began collecting G.I.Joe in 1991, I regretted this decision, just as I did when I began to “officially” collect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just ask the two figures and two plush toys (not official plushes) I had and they would testify that they went the way as the others above. 
Then there are the ones we had to get rid of.
In 1988 for some reason my Mom allowed these two kids in to my room, I think she owed money to the parents I am not really sure. Well she said to give them one of my Transformers, which was very uncharacteristic of her to do and it surprised me to be honest.
I ended up (after having a WTF discussion with my Mom), given the dam brats the few Transformers Decoys I had. To be honest I wished I could remember which ones I had, but I can’t. I know it wasn’t Shockwave, Ravage, Devastator, or Reflector, cause I always wanted them and could never seem to find them, but as for the ones I had I really can’t remember who they were, which is odd for me considering. Anyways I always hated that I had to give them away (does anyone have an extra Decoy they don’t want…😁).
This would not be the last time because of a situation that Mom got us in that we had to give away something, Carrie had to sacrifice a lot more than I, but those are her stories to tell. 
The two though that I hated was the Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man (Web-Suction Hands) and Daredevil (1990) that both me and her had to give away, cause we bought them together and were so excited by the toy-line…….one day I want to get her that Daredevil back again, and perhaps the Spider-Man (for me) to go with it………..she also lost a Roger Rabbit that time too. 😥
So no I can’t say I have “saved” every single thing, but for the most part I have and for that I am grateful.



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I love a lot of POPcurture. I am a big TRANSFORMERS fan, have been since 1985. Also love Anime like Pokemon, Project A-ko, K-on!, Evangelion, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, to name a few. I love Action Duh!!!
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