About MAK




The mind of MAK, aka Michael Alex Kawa. That is my name, and I love it.  This is my first page if you don’t count Facebook, and I have never had a blog before this one. My family never owned a computer until September of 2010, and it was given to my sister Carrie from the college she goes (went) to, which reminds me I am very proud of her.

I was born in 1974, and have always had a great imagination, but never had a chance to show it, so I will try to do it here.
036You may get a story from my past, an idea I have had, or my thoughts on the state of the world.
Also since my MOM never let me go outside, and made me leave school in the eight grade, I have a really big love of POP CULTURE.
I have been collection action figures since 1985, (Transformers Bumblebee being my first ), and I may talk about that as well…….most likely will do it most of the time.
I love anime and have made some AMVs (Anime Music Videos ) that I have posted on YouTube, and some reviews on toys as well.
I love questions so feel free to ask as many as you like…….please. Well enjoy…….I will try to make it interesting for you. 

PANZER VOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yukari falling


2 Responses to About MAK

  1. hi mike i will follow your blog as you follow mines .

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