The mind of MAK ,aka Michael Alex Kawa .That is my name ,and I love it . This is my first page ,if you don’t count Facebook ,and I have never “BLOGGED”  my whole life .My family never owned a computer until September of 2010 ,and it was given to my sister Carrie , from the college she goes to .Which reminds me I am very proud of her .I was born in 1974 ,and have always had a great imagination ,but never had a chance to show it ,so I will try to do it here .You may get a story from my past , an idea I have had ,or my thoughts on the state of the world .Also since my MOM never let me go outside ,and made me leave school in the eight grade ,I have a big love of POP CULTURE .I have been collection action figures since 1985 ,(Transformers Bumblebee being my first ) ,and I may talk about that as well .I love anime and have made some AMVs (Anime Music Videos ) that I have posted on YouTube . I love questions so feel free ,if you see this .Well enjoy ,I will try to make it interesting for you .


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  1. hi mike i will follow your blog as you follow mines .

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