Don’t transform history to entertain.

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Netflix The Toys That Made Us, Transformers episode.

Yesterday I saw the Transformers episode of The Toys That Made Us (on Netflix), and for the most part I did like it, but…….and I hate saying this…..I did have a few “issues” with the episode. 
One problem was some of the omissions, of course this is to be expected from a documentary that is less than an hour talking about a franchise as large as The Transformers….(had a similar issue with the G.I.Joe episode). 
Some of the omissions was the years of 2000-2007, Transformers really grew during those years, with many fans discovering the brand through shows like RID or Amanda. Let alone all the comics made during that time, and the fact that it was because of those comics that the love of G1 reemerged. 
Sure the 07 movie made the brand more recognized, but it was those years after Beast Wars, that a lot of fans began to get reacquainted. 
Then there was the fact that the show made it seem that Peter Cullen was “the one, the only” voice of Optimus Prime. Let me explain, I know that I know he wasn’t and you know he wasn’t, and even he knows he wasn’t, but to a laymen that might be watching to learn a little something about the robots in disguise, they now think he was….cause that is how it was presented. And trust me I watched the show with a person that knows nothing about Transformers and that is exactly how he felt the info was conveyed. 
Of course I wish there was more then just Cullen, like maybe Gregg Berger, or Frank Welker…..heck why not Neil Kaplan, but like I said it was a short episode considering. The lack of even a mention of Simon Furman was a bit irritating, but oh well he didn’t do too much for the brand now did he. 
Now on to my MAJOR grievance of the show……besides the Cullen voice issue…..
The fact that they made it seem that after 1986 Takara had no more influence on the toyline until the Beast era. Sure they talked to the designers (which was the best part of the show BTW) and I am sure they know more than I. But facts prove this just can not be true. And it is presented in such a way that it made it seem like Takara cut all ties with Transformers, not like maybe the design team changed, and all those “fugly” designs of the late 80’s and early 90’s were all Hasbro’s fault. 
Then explain to me why Takara’s name is still printed on all those toys. 
And the fact that they made figures EXCLUSIVE TO ONLY JAPAN aka their market during that time, like Metalhawk (which was a Pretender), Star Saber, Deathsaurus, Star Convoy, and the big MFing elephant in the room POWERMASTER OPTIMUS PRIME……which is the figure they showcase when making the point that these designs were made by only Hasbro…… Takara had no hands in making Super Ginrai for Masterforce, those redesigns were all Hasbro’s doing……..
Also I guess that the animated series of 
Super-God Masterforce 
and Zone
don’t exist……that is strange since I have these JAPANESE PRODUCED shows (expect for Zone) on DVD. 
So again the show was fun to watch, I love the part with the designers (expect what was mentioned above) and the origins was pure awesomeness (the highlight of the episode), but the tin can to the offices of Marvel…..loved it. 
But please do not change or omit correct information just to make a show or a documentary more “entertaining” …….it is just a disservice in my opinion.

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Quick reviews of movies I saw in 2017-2018.


K-on @ the movies

Before this infinite summer of movies begin I wanted to express my views on the movies that have already come to past. I have been promising to give my opinions and have not gotten around to it so here they are. In an effort to make this not-TLTR, I am just gonna focus on what I thought was really good or really bad about whichever movie.

So first off I have already given my opinions about “Cars 3”, “Transformers: The Last Knight” and “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi”, so there is no point in doing so again, but well I loved “The Last Knight”, “Cars 3” was not too bad and “The Last Jedi”……..well was not as bad as one particular movie I will be bringing up later. One question though…….Rey and Kylo Ren are NOT related right?? There was a post on Facebook where the person thinks that the “theories” of a “romance” between them was “icky” because they are cousins, but I thought that was debunked in the film……am I wrong?
Anyways first off is Marvel……
I already gave an opinion of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, awesome movie except for an annoying effect during a certain scene, and now I understand (after watching this one YouTube video) why it made sense to have Ego as Quill’s father instead of J’son.
“Black Panther” was a really great film, love the visuals and the acting. Maybe not my favorite of the MCU movies, but I did love it. But is it sad that my favorite character in the movie was Everett K. Ross……..what does that say about me. 😅
“Thor: Ragnarok”…………………………LOVE IT……best Thor movie, best movie with the Hulk….could be my favorite MCU movie…….I love this movie.
And then there was “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.
For the most part I really loved the movie, even with the “changes” made to the cast of characters.
Michael Keaton was brilliant as Adrian Toomes aka Vulture, and I really didn’t see him as your typical villain. Tom Holland was a perfect Peter Parker and a great…………..Iron Man Jr😏………….yeah that is my issue with the movie.
The movie made it seem like anyone could be Spider-Man (basically that was the tag line for the toy ads), all you had to do is wear this specially made suit created by Tony Stark. The movie never shows us why Tony entrusted the Spider Suit to Peter in the first place. Okay I get it no one wants to see the origin story again, but how about showing us how Stark first learned about this kid in the first place. Like why not just give the suit to someone like Daredevil or Iron Fist, why was Peter chosen by Stark…….yes we can “guess” why, but it is never implied in the actual film.
And like I said he is just a kid in this “Iron Man” suit for most of the film, note it is not like he made it himself, which is what in my opinion makes Spider-Man Spider-Man, and not Iron Man Jr.
So beside “Pokemon The Movie I Chose You” (which is loved…..duh, and already spoke about how much I did), that covers all the movies I saw on the big screen, so lets talk about ones I saw either though Redbox, Netflix or Cable.
Sad fact is that the “Death Note” live action movie was not as bad as I thought it was gonna be…..sure it was not great but it was enjoyable and not a complete BORE and WASTE of time as……………………………………………………………………………..wait for it……………………………………………………..I know you all are gonna disagree with me……………………………………………………..
Yes that is right I am saying that the live action version of the anime/manga “Death Note” was far more enjoyable than the OVERRATED movie about a wonder woman.
Believe it or not even though I could not stand Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and it was a movie starring Ben Affleck, I didn’t hate “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. So after hearing reviews/opinions I had high hopes for “Wonder Woman”. I thought Gal Gadot was pretty good in the role, so what could go wrong……well the movie did.
Watching “Wonder Woman” felt like walking though mud during a rainstorm. The movie just dragged on and on….and mind you I was at home watching it.
One annoying factor was the accent all the Amazonian women had, I suppose they wanted all the women to sound similar to Diana, but it didn’t work for me.
And this whole “WOMEN POWER” movement surrounding the movie. First off she was NOT the first female superhero to have her own movie. Ever heard of “Supergirl” from 1984, nor was this the first time a female was the lead and saved the day….what about Ellen Ripley…which did not rely on “super powers”. So “feminists” what is the big deal with “this” movie. 🙄
Plus and I hate saying it like this, but there was a “Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask” vibe with this movie…….meaning even though she did all the work, she still “needed” validation from Steve Trevor that she did a “good job” and nice little “pat on the head” from the man……that is how I saw it……and how is that really empowering for females…….just saying. 😕
Okay let me end this before it gets to long……I also finally got to see “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” recently…….and I………..absolutely……….LOVED IT!!!!!…….duh Karen Gillan 😍was in it, of course I did.
I thought is was more fun and enjoyable over the first movie (which is still great but not as great as the animated series), and I really wish we would have seen this on the big screen instead of what we did see…which was “The Last Jedi”.
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What is……was Toys R Us….and why should we care.



Closed Las Vegas Toys R Us that was on Maryland Parkway and Flamingo

Even though as a collector the news of Toys R Us closing is a bit upsetting, it is not really as heartbreaking as others are making it. 
That is not to say that it is not sad, the state of our economy and the fate of brick-&-mortar stores is what really is depressing. 
Did I love going to Toys R Us, of course I did, but was I really a “Toys R Us” kid…..not really………like I have said I love toys, well more what I like to call collectibles, but the store meant as much to me as a Woolworth’s or Target. Just a place to find and buy an action figure, nothing more. Since I grew up poor, I never really had a bike, and most games we had were from thrift stores, and the first video game system we (as a family) owned was a GameBoy that we got when I was already an adult. 
The first time I actually ever walked into a Toys R Us was in 1986 , and at that time I remembered it replaced a store named Zody’s. It was actually at that store that I first saw a package Transformer back in 1985, it was the Red Bumblebee and it confused the hell out of me….I didn’t get it cause we didn’t have enough money at the time. I later got the Yellow version of Bumblebee in August of that same year at a Woolworth’s. Anyway going back to the subject, that Toys R Us was the first I ever went to and was the one I went to most in my life. Thing is the time I was upset was when “that” Toys R Us closed, I made a post about it here on Facebook, it was about a year and a half ago. Sure there were others still opened in town, but that was the one I knew. 
People have asked why is this happening and the answer or should I say answers are simple………..
Bad business practices, people going to the internet to shop, overstocking on product no one wants (remember this one), and bad customer service. 
So what do I mean about overstocking on product no one wants….well the villains involved in this crime is none other than the “big bad two”…..aka Mattel and Hasbro. 
In my opinion and this is from analyzing product in the stores, from listening and reading information about the toy market and being a collector of this crap. 
Anyways Toys R Us became a dumping ground for these two companies, anything the two had to offer, TRU took without question. One reason was to make their shelves look “full” and “robust”, and the two took advantage of this weakness. I could go on and on as to what “garbage” they forced Toys R Us to carry, but just think about the trash made by the two, that no one ever wanted, not even a kid…and this practice began around 2007……hence the downfall of the store and the toy industry in general. 
Now I am sure that some of you know about the gofundme fundraiser to “save” the store. Now I have nothing against the “useless” campaign…..I just have a few questions for “you” to ask “yourselves” before you give “in” to it. 
The first one is……why? 
Sure you want future generations to be able to be “Toys R Us Kids”……but why is that so important to you? 
The next one is do you really know what you are getting??
The guy running the fundraiser is Isaac Larian, which is the CEO of MGA Entertainment, Inc., the toy company that made Bratz. He hates the big boys (Mattel, Hasbro), and I feel….note it is just a feeling, that he wants to make Toys R Us a place for the little guys in the industry. Now is that really that bad??
Some would say no, Mattel and Hasbro has been dominating the market and space, so what not….right? 
But is that what you WANT?? 
His “VISION” of Toys R Us, may not be your “VISION”, but when you donate to help HIM acquire the company, you are letting him have control of it….and there is nothing you can do about it….even though you are giving this MILLIONAIRE your money so that HE can own yet another business. 
Keep in mind, once he has it he may do nothing with it for years….decades……look at the guy that owns the Kay Bees now, he had the trademark for like two years now I believe and only recently has he stated he might do something with it…..this is what business people do….they buy…and they wait…….so you might think that by “helping him out”, you will see a re-opening of Toys R Us next year…..but the sad fact of it is you might not ….and you could be waiting for decades….telling you kids “don’t worry….soon soon…..I gave money……it will be soon”. 
One last question for you…..
I noticed on the fundraiser page some people gave ten dollars, others gave twenty….but I also noticed some gave hundreds….so the question is….
When was the last time you gave to a charity, something like Toys for Tots, or Feed The Children?? 
You are so concerned that future generations won’t have a “fun place” to buy toys, but have you ever helped a less fortunate child to have maybe just one toy?? 
Well that is all……….hopefully I gave you some food for thought. 

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The Firework Show Effect, my opinions on the future of the Transformers Live Action Universe and what is planned.

Note this article was also posted on my Facebook page.

As I stated about a week ago, Hasbro and Paramount is “rebooting” their live action movies, and the planned sixth Bay inspired Transformers movie (which is actually the seventh if you count the Bumblebee Prequel) has been cancelled. At that time, when I found out, I didn’t really want to talk about my feeling about the news. There are many reasons why the Bay movie series is so special to me, one of them being that my Mom really enjoyed the first movie (2007) and it was the last movie she got to see on the big screen. And to be honest I have loved the movies, even The Last Knight….. I know that other have claimed that it was terrible, but I disagree, it was one of the better movies of 2017. But the reason why people were so dissatisfied with the movie is because of the “firework show theory”, it’s the same reason why they are dissing the Marvel and Star Wars movies. 
The “firework show theory” is this (btw this is a theory I have came up with myself, the idea came to me during an episode of Steel Angel Kurumi)-
Basically when you see you first ever firework show it is the best thing ever, the most spectacular thing you have ever witnessed, that you can’t wait to see it again. 
And then you go to see it again, and even though it still had the wow factor, you find yourself a little bored, like this show is somehow less exciting as it was the first time…..but hey I will go to the next one, I am sure that “feeling” will come back. 
So now you are seeing the firework show for the third time, and you notice it is just like the last one, sure new effects, different light shows, but basically the same…..
And it continues to get less and less exciting, the novelty has worn off…..and that explains in the long run why people get less and less enchanted with these movies….that at their core is the same exact thing, just wrapped in a new package. 
Which is why the “reboot” is an even stupider idea, no matter what you all say. 
Even if you remove Bay… what…how is that gonna make it different? 
And don’t do that whole “G1” design, the new Cyberverse series and the Machinima series just proves how that is not the route to take. 
A G1 inspired live action movie would have two problems. The first one is “already been there, all ready done that”. 
So what do you expect, a movie that retells the “More Then Meets The Eye” mini-series? 
And that is the second issue, which is a logistical issue…..1980 style cars and jets, that are no longer on the road or in the air, the CGI cast would be way too large….and yeah just what Hasbro wants (and maybe they actually really want this considering recent designs ) more G1 styled unoriginal action figures to sell.
Sure maybe it is best to remove Bay from the movies, cause no matter how I felt about TLK, he is getting a little stale. And maybe have the movies take like a five year break to make the “firework show” exciting again……but to reboot the whole thing, to change what “new fans” have come to expect from the live action movies, to kill this “distinctive” universe that has been created……I just think is a mistake. 
Also what sucks about this news is The Bumblebee Movie, in a way I now feel it is a waste, since it is an unneeded prequel to the live action movies….and since there were the comics from IDW, no one really needed or wanted a story of what Bumblebee was doing on earth. 
I feel that The Last Knight should have been the “Swan Song” for the universe if it is truly coming to an end, and since it was Bay’s universe it would have only been proper that he ended it…..but now we have this annoying hangnail of a movie coming out in December. 
Now lets talk about the planned movies……
G.I.Joe……..I am guessing this is also a reboot (and I really liked Retaliation)….whats the point… has already been proved that G.I.Joe does not have the drawing power for movie goers……..only if there was a Transformers connection do I feel anyone would care…and it seems like there won’t be. 
Micronauts……wow the series I didn’t know much about before the IDW crossover…..and heck it wasn’t even a Hasbro property to begin with. 
First off the Micronauts was based off the toy line Microman, that was made by TAKARA, which does make an odd connection to the Transformers. So basically the Mego Corporation did the same thing that Hasbro did, but they did it before Hasbro even had the idea. 
They licensed some toys made by TAKARA and had Marvel build a universe around them…..seems like history repeated its self….or just that Hasbro copied what Mego first. 
Unlike Transformers or G.I.Joe, the Micronauts had their adventures within the Marvel Universe, having many crossovers with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.
But with all that said, were they ever remembered, did anyone care if they came back on the scene or not. 
Did they have an animated program….not to my knowledge, but of course that is gonna change….so that Hasbro can force feed us this irrelevant series down our throats, they are creating a new animated show….so that the kids will be ready for the big (or should I say small) live action treatment…..but again why. 
Why not M.A.S.K. which more people have a connection with and remember fondly, or ROM, which may be just as unknown, but has a way more intriguing universe to build from. 
Ant-Man has already done the being small in a large world shtick, do we really need to see a group of out worldly adventures being attacked by a lawn mower on the big screen. 
Dungeons and Dragons……..well……..never mind, I could care less about this series, that I don’t even have an opinion….just that I don’t care….even if there is a connection to the other movies. 
Honestly I have always hated D&D and that won’t change…..I have my reasons. 
And then there is the “EVENT” movie for 2021, which may or may not connect the Hasbro properties, à la The Avengers or Justice League, and perhaps the Transformers will be involved, or maybe not……who knows.
Either way I look at it I am just excited for the G.I.Joe movie and that is all…..sure the Bumblebee movie could still be fun, but as for the others, I don’t give a damn.


Hasbro Paramount Movie Slate.


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The start of a collection that may not have been really the start cause there were some before and some after that got lost.

Before reading this I wanted to let you know I have already posted this on Facebook, so if we are friends there is a likely hood you have already read this. Also this post is a bit delayed since the date I got my first figure was August 2nd, I just forgot that I wanted to post this on my blog too. Oh but if you have read it, it did fix some grammar and wording that I noticed was “wrong” so a re-read might be intriguing to you.

It is hard to believe I have been collecting action figures for 32 years and it all began with the little guy, G1 Bumblebee.
The day was August the 2nd of 1985, and since it was Vegas it was a hot day. We just moved in to a new (way nicer) apartment the day before and since it was HUD (yeah I said it) Mom finally had the money to buy us something we wanted, so that was the day I decided on Bumblebee since he was my favorite on the show (which I have been watching since March of the same year). 
Now this is where I will go on saying “blah blah and since then I have every single figure I ever bought and I am so lucky blah blah blah”. Where it is true I have been very lucky and extremely fortunate, and is very grateful to the fates for that, and wish that others were as fortunate as me…….it is not completely true when I say I have not “LOST” anything. First off when you have a large collection things do go missing, like random accessories (just lost one in May of this year), or there is paint/chrome flaking, the dreaded GPS, and the annoying SPS (sticky plastic syndrome), then there is missing and peeled off labels, broken or missing parts and so on……but like I said I have not been completely accurate in the past when I have stated about saving “every” figure, doll, plush toy etc. 
Before I began collection Transformers I had a small collection of Hot Wheels, one time when we had to move, I had to give them up, so that I could have more room for my Transformers.
There was also a time before I started to collect Transformers that I was given a “used” G1 Sludge. At first I did not even know it could transform, just thought it was a robotic dinosaur. After seeing an episode with the Dinobots I realized what he was. But then the dog we had at the time Beethoven (RIP July 20th 1985), did what dogs do to plastic and well Sludge’s dino head came off, had to wait for one of the missiles to “reemerge” (if you know what I mean), and he got pretty chewed up….so I ditched him 😥.
G1 Sludge was in a box that some guy that was moving gave to us and in it was also the G.I.Joe FLAK [Field Light Attack Cannon] , which I regrettably got rid of…..among other things.
But the would not be the only G.I.Joe idem to be ejected, when I first saw the G.I.Joe animated show I got into said show so I got…
Bazooka (loved him and it was his episode “Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent” that got me into G.I.Joe). 
Snow Serpent
and the Silver Mirage.
I got rid of them the same way I did the Hot Wheels, again to mostly make space for the bots in disguise. When I “officially” began collecting G.I.Joe in 1991, I regretted this decision, just as I did when I began to “officially” collect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just ask the two figures and two plush toys (not official plushes) I had and they would testify that they went the way as the others above. 
Then there are the ones we had to get rid of.
In 1988 for some reason my Mom allowed these two kids in to my room, I think she owed money to the parents I am not really sure. Well she said to give them one of my Transformers, which was very uncharacteristic of her to do and it surprised me to be honest.
I ended up (after having a WTF discussion with my Mom), given the dam brats the few Transformers Decoys I had. To be honest I wished I could remember which ones I had, but I can’t. I know it wasn’t Shockwave, Ravage, Devastator, or Reflector, cause I always wanted them and could never seem to find them, but as for the ones I had I really can’t remember who they were, which is odd for me considering. Anyways I always hated that I had to give them away (does anyone have an extra Decoy they don’t want…😁).
This would not be the last time because of a situation that Mom got us in that we had to give away something, Carrie had to sacrifice a lot more than I, but those are her stories to tell. 
The two though that I hated was the Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man (Web-Suction Hands) and Daredevil (1990) that both me and her had to give away, cause we bought them together and were so excited by the toy-line…….one day I want to get her that Daredevil back again, and perhaps the Spider-Man (for me) to go with it………..she also lost a Roger Rabbit that time too. 😥
So no I can’t say I have “saved” every single thing, but for the most part I have and for that I am grateful.


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Two movie reviews of recent movies I just saw, but is really not that recent, but still is since it is still summer…….so here are my reviews and thoughts on the two movies……Cars 3, and Transformers: The Last Knight!!!

So what did I think about Cars 3……………well I really don’t know. It is a good movie, but unlike many others I actually enjoyed Cars 2 a bit more (or about the same). Of course the first movie will always be the best of the series.
Some people have said that the original trailer, with the crash was nothing more than “trailer bait” and I do agree with that, but I have to wonder if the factor that annoyed me with the movie was caused by the reaction to that said trailer, cause the movie ended up to be very “lighthearted” …… that really a bad thing, no not really, but it was missing something and I believe had something more then it should have.
A lot of critics have all said the one thing in the movie they liked, which is odd cause I felt it was “her” the “slowed” down the movie.
They also have stated that they can’t stand Lightning McQueen, which is my opinion is what saved the movie.
But lets talk about Cruz Ramirez shall we, it is not that I hate her, but I can’t say I liked her as much as others. From what I have read and heard online, she was meant to be a totally different character and a male, but was changed cause someone (either the director or producers) thought Cristela Alonzo was funny and wanted to “work” with her. But I wonder if the character was “changed” cause of this whole “girl empowerment” that Hollywood has been pushing in our faces……not saying that it is wrong, but this is a pure example of how it could be done wrong.
If you saw the movie they you all know that she wanted to race, and the reason why she backed out. So you have this perfect opportunity to address some sexism that is very apparent in the world of Cars…..that there are no female racers……..but no they drop the ball. Instead of her having the dream of being like Lightning McQueen, training to one day race to only be told that she can’t cause she is female, and that all she can be is a trainer, they go with a “I had stage fright” story-line…….still not addressing the sexism that is apparent.
Then there is the “final race”……….okay here is my issue with the outcome…….they CHEATED….plain a simple. This is not our world, it is the world of Cars, and these races are in a way an endurance test, almost like what a marathon would be for us (humans). These Cars train and perfect their bodies, to compete in these races against one other and against themselves……..there is no replacing a racer or at least there shouldn’t have been. It was Lightning McQueen’s time to prove if he could or could not race, and what we got was a sanctimonious hollow victory for someone who DID NOT RUN (RACE) THE WHOLE COURSE.
If anything the win should belong to Jackson Storm, he ran the whole race, without being “replaced” in the middle of the race. But hey teach your kids it is better to do something half ass and steal a win, then it is to train to become the best…….yeah Jackson Storm is the “bad guy” cause he is “young” and he trains to win…..great message.
Oh and before I go, unlike an other movie I recently saw (Transformers: The Last Knight), this movie makes no references to the previous sequel, almost pretending it didn’t exist, just cause fans (not me) all said they didn’t like Cars 2.
Also a movie like this maybe should have been a direct to video sequel, kind of like Toy Story 3 (which also had an ending that annoyed me), but Disney really does not do those anymore and since it seems like computer animated movies are flooding the theaters it is no surprise why they don’t.


TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT……….what did I think about the movie…………………….I thought it was AWESOME!!!!!!
Seriously it is one of the better of the Bay movies, way better than AOE and a lot more enjoyable than ROTF. It could easily be my favorite but I would have to re-watch it when it comes out on Blu-Ray before I make that claim. 
The reasons why I loved it………I don’t know it just was good, so I really don’t understand all the negativity towards it. Sure I get it, there are the people don’t like Bay’s explosives filled cinematic adventurers and I don’t expect them to like this one, but the hate is coming from all over. I would have expected this level of antagonism towards AOE, since well that movie is still the lowest on my list, but why this one. Also knowing that this movie, the better of the last two, is making a whole lot less in the box office is just sad, Bay finally does a few things right with this movie and he is not rewarded for it. Sure I could say its a little to late, maybe he (and the writers/producers) should have given us this instead of AOE, but they didn’t and maybe that is why people didn’t flock to this movie……and all the bad reviews didn’t help either. 
Back to the bad reviews……..yes everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it just seems like the movie is being slammed just to slam it and to get views on YouTube. You know the old adage, “If you have something good to say about something…..don’t, cause only if you are negative will you get views and or followers on YouTube”. Even a toy reviewer that did a review on the Barricade figure had to let us know that he thought the movie was trash, well then why the hell did you buy the figure then……dumb ass. 
This brings up a point I want to make about FAUX-GEEWUNNERS, not real Geewuners (whom I respect for their opinions), but the ones faking it, the ones that know nothing about G1, but claim to “only love G1 and hate everything else”. First off why fake it, so that they can “hate on” everything and get the “likes” and “comments”….like come on. 
Let me give you a few examples of a FAUX-GEEWUNNER. 
When you bring up the episode “Dark Awakening” they have no idea what you are talking about. 
Don’t know what a Headmaster, Targetmaster, or Powermaster is, or even believe you when you bring up The Pretenders. 
Did not know there was a comic book series made by Marvel, and does not know the names Bob Budiansky or Simon Furman. 
Can only name no more than five of the original G1 characters, yeah yeah I get it Optimus Prime was not a long-nosed truck and the only Bumblebee you know is one that turns into a VW bug, but do you even know who Sideswipe or Sunstreaker are…..what you don’t……..that is so funny. 
Have no idea there was a Transformers animated movie that came out in 1986…..yeah I am serious. 
And the pièce de résistance of idiotism is that they (the Faux-Geewuners) believe that Spike was the kid in the wheelchair. 
So these people will makes statements, hating on Bay and declaring how he ruined their childhood, saying they only love G1, but not having the common knowledge to back it up. If you are a true Geewuner let me give you some advice, call these fakers out, sure they might be helping you with your Anti-Bay, Anti-Beast Wars campaigns, but they are also given you all a bad name. 
Wow that was a lot of typing, now back to why I love The Last Knight. 
The Decepticons were cool, I even found that introduction scene awesome, wish they were in the movie more though. 
For the first time I actually really liked the female leads, sure I did like Maggie Madsen (Rachael Taylor) from the first movie, but these two Viviane Wembly (Laura Haddock) and Izabella (Isabela Moner) were really likable (especially Izzy), which is very rare in a Bay movie. 
I thought all the Bots were pretty cool in this one, even the Dinobots, heck even the Mini-Dinobots, and the fact that my sister Carrie didn’t have to tap me all the time asking “who is that one”, just shows how distinctive they all were. 
Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Anthony Hopkins, and even Mark Wahlberg were all pretty awesome. 
Heck I even liked Stanley Tucci this time around, to be honest I did not even recognized him at first. 
Cogman was so cool, he really stood out and Hot Rod was well awesome too. (I say awesome way to much)……..still wish that Cogman did the Headmaster thing though. 
” I was making the moment more epic” – Cogman
In my opinion the Megatron in this movie, no matter how he is connected to the others, was the best Megatron in these movie. 
And even though I was not a fan of the Unicron story-line (origin) in Transformers: Prime, for some reason it seems to work in this movie, maybe cause I have already seen it before or it just fits this continuity better. 
What I also enjoyed about this movie was all the references to the previous movies, it really felt like a nice celebration of the decade old film series.
” It has been said throughout the ages, that there can be no victory, without sacrifice”. – Sir Edmund Burton 

Unlike others I don’t think the movie was “too long”, to be honest I wish it was longer. Which reminds me why do people complain about run time of movies? I remember back in the ’90s people were saying movies were too short, movies like Toy Story that only ran like 80 minutes. So what is it people, do you want short movies or long movies, are you idiots ever truly happy. 

I will admit that the one thing I wish there was……and don’t you judge me for this…….I just really enjoyed her character….that’s all……I really wished that Izzy had more screen time. She is like the best human character in the movie series (sorry Simmons you lost your place). She reminds me of the type of girl who would be in the Transformers Universe, with a little bit of Miko and Lori in her. Maybe she will be in future movies who knows, I just hope they don’t go a ruin her if she is. 
So that is my very long review of Transformers The Last Knight, I am sure I have forgotten a few things but I am tired of typing.

NOTE: Both of these reviews was posted on my Facebook page……so if you already have read them there is nothing new. 

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It is hip to be fake, annoying reviews and the faux geeks that make them to seem kewl.

As you all know the 30th anniversary edition of Transformers The Movie came out on Blu-Ray and DVD, and I was able to get the Blu-Ray, and the picture looks great and all. But that is not what I am here to talk about. For some reason a few weeks ago, before the release the anniversary edition, I was watching a lot of reviews about the movie. I don’t know why, except that they kept popping up on my “recommended for you” on YouTube.
All I can say about most of these reviews is that they are ANNOYING…….especially one by some idiot named The Nostalgia Chick. What annoys me is not that they insult the movie, but the cliché reason why they do.
Yes the movie was made to “advertise” the new line of toys, that is a no brainer, considering the whole series was made to “sell toys”. Every episode, comic, coloring book, and so on, so get over it. What has to be look at, is not the “why”, but the “how it was done”. I doubt that any of these hipsters that pretend to be geeks have even seen the mini-series “The Rebirth” , or read some the the G1 comics like Issue #24 ” Afterdeath!” , and Issue #40 “Pretender to the Throne!”, all of these are examples of how to do “it” wrong. Go ahead and read Issue #24, and compare the death of Optimus in the comics and the movie and tell me which one did it better.
The movie is not perfect, but it is the pinnacle of G1 at least animation wise. If you don’t like it that is fine, many professional critics like Leonard Maltin have said the movie is a piece of trash, and I can respect that cause he is not “pretending” to be this kewl geek girl.
People that believe the G1 cartoon was “all about the characters”, please watch the show again, cause it is not.
What the show (and movie) was all about was fun, and not taking any of it too seriously. I view the series not as a whole but as individual episodes and or mini-series, some were good, some (like the movie) were awesome, and some were really bad.
Yes they were just very entertaining toy commercials, but it really never pretended to be any more than that. Unlike all these faux geeks that are trying to sound intelligent, but are coming off as arrogant.

I also want to say this…..
Issue #24 “Afterdeath!” created the biggest continuity problem in the G1 Marvel Universe, at least in my opinion it is.
At the end of the issue Ethan Zachary copied Prime’s mind on to a floppy disc (one with a lot of memory I guess). Later on in the series in issue #40 Ethan Zachary gives the floppy disc with the “copy” of Prime’s consciousness to Goldbug. At this point Copimus Prime (lol) thinks he is nothing more than a character in a computer game.
Goldbug then brings the floppy disc to Nebulos, where it is transferred into the new body …….POWERMASTER OPTIMUS PRIME!!! So then he returns to earth and is the Prime that was in the comic for the rest of the series.
Issue #65 does show where the REAL Prime’s body went after it was sent into space, and that it had the Matrix in its possession.
So in my opinion the Prime that become the Powermaster is a copy, and the real Prime is either dead, or a part of the Matrix.

Note- this is from a Facebook post I posted on September 22 2016, but I thought what I said had to be saved.



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